Traci Sorell

Cherokee Nation citizen and award-winning author Traci Sorell writes fiction and nonfiction books, short stories and poems for young people. A former federal Indian law attorney, university lecturer and advocate, she lives with her family on the Cherokee Nation reservation in northeastern Oklahoma. She earned her undergraduate degree in Native American Studies from the University of California at Berkeley, her graduate degree in American Indian Studies from the University of Arizona and her law degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Find out more about her work at or @tracisorell via Twitter and Instagram.

Zineb Mouhyi

Zineb is one of the co-founders of the Weaving Lab, an international NGO and network of weavers, i.e. social change makers pioneering new approaches to collaboration and ecosystemic transformation. Prior to that, she was the Policy & Partnership Development Officer at WISE (World Innovation Summit for Education), at the Qatar Foundation in Doha, where she mainly worked on education development policy research and on bringing different education stakeholders together to bring forth collaborations in education. Zineb has also worked in the private sector in medium business restructuration and consulting. Zineb holds a Bachelors of Commerce from McGill University, Canada, and a Dual Master of International Affairs from Sciences Po Paris, and Columbia University, New York.

Miriam Mirza

Miriam is a secondary school teacher with a passion for equity and social justice. She has run a social justice and human rights club for 15 years in a variety of secondary settings. They have organized Gender and Sexual Equity events, annual Pride Weeks and a variety of other social justice campaigns through these clubs. For this work, Miriam received the Peel District School Board Award of Excellence in 2009, and the Teacher Recognition Award from OSSTF D19 in 2011. For the past 10 years, she has worked at the Board level, working with a team of educators with the Make Peel Proud committee to organize our annual You Are Not Alone event for LGBTQ+ students to attend. In 2017, she received the OSSTF D19 Human Rights Award for my ongoing work equity and human rights. In addition, Miriam was a member of the Peel Strategic Action Plan for FNMI education in the Peel Board.