The harmony of heartbreak pleases them 

And to the sound of our cries they smile as the child of hatred is born. 

Our black skin and curly hair speaks volumes yet we are not heard 

Only to be silenced by the shot of a gun that draws a final breath. 

But I know, we know, how they fear our power. 


When they force our young boys to become gang members and girls prostitutes to feed their families, 

We live. 


When they place a liquor store on each corner of "our neighbourhoods" hoping that one day we fall into despair, 

We live. 


We have faced 400 years of systematic and perpetrated murder but we live. 

Our souls are invincible. 

Our skin is our armour. Our mouths are our weapons. 

We must use them, we must not stop, we must fight for justice 


For we cannot fear what must be done,