Black Girl

You are a sponge

That soaks up attention in all spaces,

Leaving people in a whirl

With hair that defies gravity

And skin that sings songs

Of painful longevity.


Black Girl

You change faces

Like the moon embodied in your hips

And lips that are pumped up

Naturally with anger and bliss,

Paired with a deep voice

that simulates waves;

Leading all races to a cave

of mystery.


Black Girl

You are concoction of spices

And sweetness

That is always cooked to perfection.

A special recipe

Passed down through generations

Of history and discourse,

Leaving a trail of sauce

Labelled “black power”,

A fist raised so high that

God could fist bump you back

In solidarity.


Black Girl,

You are literally

The tree of life,

The first man and woman

In Genesis.

So, don’t you ever

Let sinful words slither and deceive you.

For whom is entitled to spit

On scripture?

Holy words casted in a spell

Called “Black Girl Magic”,

Something all folk pay and

beg for

To their fairy godmothers.

But never receive organically.


Black Girl

You are the walking earth,

With hair as round as

Its circumference

And skin that encapsulates the universe

No wonder you glisten so brightly,

For Diamonds are only made under pressure

And you were crushed by the oppressor.

But when you braid your hair,

It carves you a path back to our

Roots, sunk so deep in Mother Africa.


Black Girl,

We may never meet, but I hope

You know you have a family;

By blood and through melanin,

A collection of Black souls

Present and gone, knighting

You in gold but proud


No matter what society reflects,

Look in the mirror and digest.

Does your vision of yourself

Reject the power of colonialists

And supremacists?

Cause, Black Girl, you are a


And made so stunningly.


Black Girl past,

Black Girl present,

And Black Girl forever

You are a sacred shadow,

One that exists through light

And flows through darkness.