Raising generations of
critical thinkers and

Who Are We?

The Reclamation Project is a youth-led organization that aims to foster generations of informed, empowered, and anti-prejudiced people
through our three core pillars: education, advocacy, and amplification.

We envision a world wherein everyone honors
each other's differences instead of
discriminating against them.


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Education is the first step in raising generations of anti-prejudiced people. Through our free learning resources and materials, all of which are geared toward children and teens, TRP strives to provoke frequent, productive dialogues around social issues, how to be anti-inequality/anti-inequity, and how to fight for systemic change; help schools implement diverse, inclusive curricula; and transform individuals from passive recipients to proactive challengers of society's messages.

Our resources include...

Lesson plans

Workshop plans

Decolonize Your Bookshelf: recommended reading list with discussion prompts


To achieve systemic change, TRP aims to lobby people in positions of power, such as teachers, principals, school boards, and government officials, for educational reform. Our advocacy includes, but is not limited to, calling for compulsory courses in ethnic studies, diverse arrays of texts read in classes, and recurrent training sessions on cultural and racial sensitivity for school staff.

TRP commits to uplifting the voices of marginalized communities by providing spaces within which they can share their perspectives. Our most notable platform for amplification is our quarterly magazine, The Radical, which examines various topics through different lenses in order to inspire insightful thought among readers. We also host a variety of virtual events, from open mics to conferences. Through these initiatives, we hope to empower marginalized individuals to understand the importance of their voices, experiences, and happiness.