Fostering a society of informed, empowered,
and anti-prejudiced people starts with YOUth.

Challenging biases and engaging young minds in social justice.

#ItStartsWithYOUth is a campaign that aims to transform young students (ages 4-11) from passive recipients to proactive challengers of prejudices, biases, and injustices.

To do this, we mobilize youth, parents, and educators to spark productive discussions around social issues and systemic change with their children.

Why is this type of education important?

At age three, children start to develop their racial identities and attitudes and become aware of different races. At age five, children begin to identify with racial groups and explore the spectrum of differences between the people they see.

We need to ensure that the nature of our children’s first perceptions of race is positive and accepting. Though we understandably do not want our children to obsess over their race, to deny race is to ignore a significant part of their total identities.

Our silence would only create a stigma surrounding the topic of race, covertly discouraging children from asking necessary questions about skin colour and receiving answers.

This stigma makes it increasingly difficult to change children’s perceptions about race and prevents them from willingly participating in racial dialogues as they grow up.

Get involved

For youth:

Start a chapter and spearhead your own #ISWY campaign in your community by hosting workshops, raising awareness, and more.

For educators:

If you teach at a school, organization, library, camp, center, or any other group, book a workshop with our team!

For parents:

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Learning Tools


Our workshops aim to disrupt negative biases and foster positive schema in children on a wide variety of topics, from ableism to cultural appreciation. Each workshop follows clear learning objectives, answers essential questions, and combines interactive activities with productive discussions.

All of our resources are reviewed and approved by our Educational Advisory Board (EAB), a group of professional educators, psychologists, and nonprofit leaders who review and approve our workshops based on structure, content, age appropriateness, cultural sensitivity, and more.

View a free workshop sample on emotional competency:

This workshop aims to help students identify, communicate, and cope with their emotions.

Interested in booking a workshop with The Reclamation Project and learning more?

Our chapters work with local schools, organizations, and centers to host workshops and lessons with their students using our resources and materials.

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Decolonize Your Bookshelf: Book of the Month!

Intersection Allies: We Make Room for All

by Chelsea Johnson, for ages 6-12 years old

This book provides kids with exposure to many different marginalized groups and communities. It promotes equal and just treatment of those who are different from what kids perceive to be the norm, teaching them about allyship, respect, and care. Most importantly, Intersection Allies shows kids that they are never too young to be an ally to all types of people.

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